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World’s Best Mom

Lilith is probably one of the better-known demons of Jewish lore. In fact, she is so well-known that many writers simply force their own interpretation on the mythical texts, making her to be a destructive femme-fatale or a demonic proto-feminist. … Continue reading

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The Seething Blood and the Massacare at Solomon’s Temple

The previous post told the story of the Shamir, and of the building of Solomon’s Temple. In this post, I’ll bring some traditions regarding the destruction of that temple. The Biblical narrative can be found at the end of Kings … Continue reading

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Solomon, Shamir and Ashmedai

Sorry for the slow update rate – hopefully, with the nearing term break, I’ll be able to speed things up a little. In this post, I’m going to relate¬†two of the many legends about King Solomon. With a thousand wives … Continue reading

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It’s a Bird!

This is the final part of a series of three posts on the gigantic mythical beasts of Jewish mythology. The previous posts were about Leviathan and Behemoth, creatures which the non-Jewish reader of the Old Testament is probably familiar with … Continue reading

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